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About BRLBrain Research Labs (BRL) was co-founded by Josh Reynolds and Robert Heller, MD. Together they have over 50 years experience in the emerging field of brain health and performance. Over the years they have worked with top neuroscientists, neurosurgeons, neurologists and cognitive psychologists from prestigious research universities and medical schools, such as Harvard, Stanford, Scripps, UC Irvine, the Brain Sciences Institute in Australia) and UC Berkeley to research computerized cognitive tests, and develop "natural solutions" for enhancing brain health and cognitive performance.

During this time, Reynolds and his highly qualified "Brain Team" have conducted cognitive tests on over 1.5 million individuals, using Reynolds’s unique online brainpower tests and patented "neuro-cognitive test technology", validated by medical schools, such as Stanford. Reynolds and members of the BRL Brain Team are also credited with developing the original computerized brain speed exercise technology, which is now the gold standard for tuning up the brain for short term performance and long term health and fitness. In fact, Reynolds is known as a pioneer innovator in the field of measuring cognitive processing speed, aka “brain speed”, which has become a leading edge technology in the objective assessment of cognitive performance, including detection of early memory loss.

Science Driven Success

Brain ExercisesReynolds’s patented Cognometer™ has been used in close to a dozen clinical trials by pharmaceutical and large nutraceutical companies, and research universities, such as UC Irvine, Scripps and Brain Sciences Institute to evaluate and quantify the cognitive effects of various brain nutrients and products.

You can try some of these tests and get a free brain power and memory score (which can also be used to track improvements after taking Procera AVH® memory). Just Go To

However, the hallmark of the BRL brain team’s accomplishments is the development and third party clinical validation of Procera AVH® memory, widely considered America’s Number One Clinically Tested Cognitive Enhancer.

Procera AVH® is the result of over 20 years of development by leading researchers, clinicians and scientists in the fields of neurology, neurosurgery and cognitive psychology. Hundreds of natural ingredients were screened, and dozens of the best were tested in various combinations using thousands of volunteers in FDA-type clinical trials. The winning three brain nutrients, in precise amounts and ratios, were combined in Procera AVH® and subjected to the rigors of an FDA-style (double blind, placebo controlled) clinical trial.

The result is a natural cognitive and mood enhancing supplement, with no equal on the market today.

Brain Power Decline With Age

brain decline with ageRecent studies have revealed that by the age of 40, on average, we have already lost well over 30% of our brain power, and by age 50-55 up to 50%…that’s half your memory, focus, and mental quickness gone!

Unless, of course, you commit to turning it around by looking after your brain’s 3 vital primary needs.

Helping you take care of your most important asset...Your Brain!

Brain Research Labs (BRL) is dedicated to developing "clinically tested" science based products and services that serve the three primary needs of your brain:

  1. Neuro-Nutrition - foods and supplements that enhance the brain’s performance and protection
  2. Neuro-Stimulation - mental activity and exercises that keep the brain young, fit and sharp
  3. Neuro-Relaxation - tools and techniques that keep the brain calm, unstressed and healthy

To help you achieve optimal brain health and longevity and cognitive performance BRL has developed a unique line of products:

  • Brain specific, clinically tested, science based dietary supplements, such as Procera AVH®memory, for brain health and performance
  • Brainpower and memory tests and exercises available at
  • Brain food, exercise and stress release techniques found in the Procera AVH® memory, User's Guide.