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Procera™ XTF extreme focus

ProceraAVH® extreme focusProcera AVH® is a clinically tested cognitive and mood enhancer that was shown to enhance a range of cognitive functions including support of memory and mood.

Procera™ XTF extreme focus includes additional ingredients that can also help your brain sustain mental performance longer, including improved concentration, motivation, memory recall and mental energy.

Procera™ XTF extreme focus is for anyone who could benefit from the additional help of greater brainpower, mental and physical energy, stamina and productivity, while studying or in the classroom, board room, or participating in an athletic event.

Natural Mental Stamina & Brain Energy Complex


Procera™ XTF extreme focus includes the clinically tested Procera AVH® plus additional mental performance boosting, anti-fatigue and anti-stress ingredients including Rhodiola rosea and key B-Vitamins.

Rhodiola rosea is considered a potent adaptogen, which means it helps keep the brain and body's neuro-transmitters and hormones in balance under extreme mental and physical stress conditions. Studies showed improved mental and physical performance during strenuous challenges, with significantly less fatigue, with Rhodiola rosea.

Rhodiola rosea has been shown to shorten recovery time after prolonged workouts, to increase attention span, memory and even strength. Numerous studies have demonstrated that Rhodiola rosea enhances memory and concentration over prolonged, mentally strenuous periods. In one study, student subjects receiving Rhodiola rosea demonstrated significant improvements in physical fitness, psychomotor function, mental performance, mood and general well being. Subjects also reported significant reductions in mental fatigue, plus improved sleep patterns and a need for less sleep, with greater motivation to study, or work.

Procera™ XTF extreme focus also includes important B-vitamins to help sustain sufficient neurotransmitter levels for optimal mental performance. What’s more, these same B vitamins, especially pantothenic acid, can be significantly depleted by stress and exhausting mental challenges, consequently raising the need for extra supplementation.

Finally, Procera™ XTF extreme focus also includes a unique blend of natural sources of caffeine, such as, green tea and guarana bean extracts. Caffeine may work synergistically with several of the ingredients in Procera™ XTF extreme focus, especially vinpocetine.

With Procera AVH’s clinically demonstrated support of memory and mood, plus the proven anti-fatigue and mental performance benefits of the added Rhodiola rosea, select B-vitamins and caffeine, Procera™ XTF extreme focus offers a great advantage to anyone seeking to boost their mental stamina and ability to study, learn, remember, and think sharper.