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Why We're Different

There are approximately 29,000 different nutritional supplements on the market today—a $25 billion dollar industry that is growing by leaps and bounds. This growth is driven largely by consumers who are seeking less costly alternatives to traditional medical care and prescription medications. But what are they really getting for their investment? Are these products safe? Are they reliable?


Procera creates natural and safe brain health supplements


Very few retailers have a comprehensive understanding of supplements, particularly cognitive health supplements. As the demand for these products accelerates, both customers and retailers can be overwhelmed by the number of new supplements that hit the market and line the shelves, as well as the dearth of credible information that exists about them. In fact, the efficacy of supplements is often sketchy, and sometimes virtually absent. There is a compelling need for information and products that are backed by reputable companies and substantiated by credible testing and results.


Our company offers a number of benefits that distinguish and differentiate it in the cognitive health space.

  • We offer naturally-based products comprised of ingredients that are supported by research and testing.
  • Our products are safe and effective.
  • Our products have been used and enjoyed by thousands of loyal customers.
  • We have a singular focus and expertise in cognitive health and have established ourselves as a leader in this category.


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