Procera's Brain Health Pyramid

Performance - Brain Health and Cognitive Support

These signature cognitive health products support your brain's health and performance. The Procera line of Performance products has been designed specifically for the brain, supported by years of research and many happy customers.

Replenish & Restore - Detox, Sleep, Antioxidant Support

Intended to work synergistically with our Brain Performance supplements, these products facilitate natural renewal processes.

Foundational Nutrition - Brain Supplements & Foods

This growing product line ensures you're meeting all of your essential nutritional requirements for optimal brain health and wellness. These supplements work in concert with a strong diet and other healthy lifestyle choices.


We are not all the same. Targeted supplementation can be very beneficial, especially as we get older and begin to experience joint, vision, heart, and energy issues, etc. These products designed for specific health conditions, ensure that body and brain are working together.