Brain Health Fundamentals

The Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

For years, the mind and body were treated as separate entities with little relationship to one another. Today, it is accepted knowledge that the two are intimately connected and interdependent. Most physicians now understand the undeniable link between stress and physical health. We know that many musculoskeletal pain disorders—which have reached epidemic levels today—are often rooted in repressed emotions, such as anger or grief. Just as a healthy body affects our outlook, our ability to problem solve, and our overall mood, so does a healthy mind affect our immune system, our capacity to manage pain, and even the progression and outcome of challenging health conditions.


Mind/Body/Spirit medicine looks at the various factors—cognitive, behavioral, and emotional—that affect our physical and psychological wellbeing—and offers various holistic therapies that take into consideration ALL of the dimensions of who we are. Throughout this section you’ll be introduced to a number of these treatments—from meditation to prayer to biofeedback—that can play a significant role in cognitive health, psychological balance, and longevity.



A healthy brain requires a healthy body. Without a strong body to support the tremendous demands on our brains every day, we will struggle. There are a number of key ingredients necessary for high energy, cognitive quickness, and a vibrant, resilient physiology. These include a nutritious diet, proper hydration, sleep & rest, and regular exercise to make up for any deficits brought on by aging, toxins, and stress.



The brain is not a static organ, unaffected by our actions and attitudes. As anyone will tell you, when it comes to brain health, you need to “use it or lose it.” Learn how mental exercise, lifelong curiosity and creativity, and social activity and support can keep your mind engaged, acute, and performing well no matter what your age.



Moments of respite and repose help us to think better, make smarter decisions, and live longer.  Finding ways to sidestep some of our modern-day pressures is critical for a healthy brain and a long life. Learn how to deflect some of life’s “slings and arrows” through stress management, breathwork and body relaxation techniques, meditation and prayer, and adopting the right mindset


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