Baby Boomers

Aging the Way WE Want

The youngest Boomers have just hit the big “50.” (And we’re not happy about it!) Eight million strong, we make up about 25% of the U.S. population. A striving, ever-evolving generation, Boomers believe we can—and will—redefine what it means to age. But as Boomers struggle to adjust to aging bodies and brains, our self-perception is often out of whack with our realities . . .


Many Boomers simply aren’t feeling very well. Many of us deal with pain, trouble maintaining our mood, and high levels of stress. Retirement is a long way off for many of us, and new economic realities mean that we will be working longer and much harder than our parents did. Constant technological change and an uncertain work climate mean we’re still feeling pressures we thought would have eased off by now.  

What We’re Most Concerned About

Baby Boomers rank brain health high on their list of health concerns. We’re concerned not just about cognitive changes, but about how we will be able to keep up with younger generations in an increasingly fast-paced workplace. Poor concentration, mental fatigue, and confusion are signs that our brains are going through a mid-life vitality crisis.

If you’re a Boomer, your brain may be depleted in one or all of these vital cognitive needs:

  • Reduced oxygen and glucose from poor blood flow—Reduced blood flow due to natural aging may inhibit oxygen and glucose to the brain.
  • Reduced neurotransmitters—Neurotransmitter levels in the brain naturally drop with age, stress, and even use of prescription drugs. At a certain ‘tipping’ point, mental acuity, alertness, and recall may be noticeably affected. 
  • Lack of brain-specific nutrients—Lifestyle choices, poor nutrition, alcohol, toxins, and free radical damage can all deplete the brain’s natural storehouse of beneficial nutrients.

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