Over 70s

Rolling with the Changes

Seniors report that one of their biggest concerns is the possible change in their cognitive abilities. 


We might not welcome the changes that come with aging, but they are a fact of life for all of us, no matter when we were born. We find we’re a little stiffer, a little less vigorous, and our brains are a little more tired now. It takes us a bit longer to rebound, but this is just part of the story.

Taking the Tarnish off Your Golden Years

By the time we reach 70, we should be much more attuned to our bodies than we were when we were 20. This is a good thing! This means we have a better sense of when things aren't working properly and what we need to do to feel right again. We can take control.

We know that as we get older it is of paramount importance to keep our energy levels consistently high. This means we need to get plenty of restorative sleep, maintain close ties to family and friends, eat the right foods, and exercise even when we’re not feeling motivated.

Keep the Cogs Turning

And when it comes to brain health, DNA is notdestiny. Research shows that your brain neurons are still malleable. The damage that comes from natural aging is far from fixed. If you value your brain and want to keep it fit and healthy as you age, you’ll need to take care of its three vital daily needs:

  1. Neuro-stimulation (i.e. brain exercises)
  2. Neuro-relaxation (stress management)
  3. Neuro-nutrition (smart food choices and the right supplements)

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