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The Relaxation Response

The Relaxation Response refers to a person’s ability to release chemicals and brain signals that enable muscles to relax, organs to slow down, and blood flow to increase to the brain. 

Return to Balance

Learn about the two types of stress- "eustress" (good stress) and "disress" (bad stress).

Your Stress Circut

Approximately one-fourth of Americans surveyed experience extremely high stress, and almost half of Americans reported that their stress levels have increased over the past five years.

Your Brain on Stress

Here are just a few of the documented ways stress impacts the brain.

A Balanced Mood and Brain Health

Depressed mood, anxiety, and low energy affect how you feel, but they also impact how you think and how well your brain functions as you age.

How to Choose the Best Brain Supplement

A healthy brain is critical to nearly every bodily function and activity of daily life. Vastly complex and metabolically active, the brain has unique needs. Ironically, we don’t think much about our brain.

Why Are Omega-3 DHA & EPA Critical to Brain Function?

We need Omega-3 fatty acids for optimum health . . . nearly every organ and system in the body—particularly the brain—benefits from them.

The Top 5 Natural Memory Enhancers

These 5 natural ingredients top the list of memory enhancers.

America's Sleep Crisis

Americans have a love/hate relationship with sleep. Maybe it’s our 24/7 culture, which demands greater and greater levels of output in less and less time, but the reality is we rarely get the “40 winks” we need to function optimally.

A Closer Look at Melatonin

Low levels of melatonin have been linked to insomnia and irregular sleep. But melatonin doesn't just increase the length and quality of sleep. It has other cognitive benefits.