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Brain Health News

What Happens Inside Your Brain During Sleep?

Learn about the stages of sleep and what's happening inside your brain. 

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The Power Nap: Fact & Fiction

Much has been written about the so-called power nap, how it reduces fatigue, increases alertness and productivity, and improves your mood. But napping can...

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The Glymphatic System: The Brain’s Housekeeper

This unique "plumbing" system cleans out waste and transports nutrients into brain tissue at the same time.

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Brain Health from Students to Seniors

Under 40s

Sometimes you're totally in the zone... and then there's that moment, that unexpected brain blip. You seem to have lost your edge. Cognitive health may not be on your radar screen yet. But there are many more stressors on the brain today. Don't "max out" early.

Baby Boomers

You have years before retirement and you want your brain to be as agile as possible. Optimize your brain's potential.

Over 70s

When it comes to brain health, DNA is NOT necessarily destiny. Research shows that your brain neurons need special attention. Nourish your brain for maximum cognitive support

Active Lifestyles

The daily pressures never seem to let up. Whether making the grade on an exam, delivering a sales pitch, or interviewing for a new job, you want to function at your very best. Support your brain throughout your busy day.